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Breaking changes of v0.0.9

Renamed Map.GetExtents() to Map.Envelope
Renamed MapControl.ZoomToExtent to MapControl.ZoomToFullEnvelope

Breaking changes of v0.1

Renaming of assemblies:
  • SharpMap to Mapsui
  • SharpMap.Providers to Mapsui.Providers
  • SilverlightRendering to Mapsui.Rendering.XamlRendering
  • GdiRendering to Mapsui.Rendering.GdiRendering
  • WbxRendering to Mapsui.Rendering.WbxRendering
Moved GroupedTileLayer from Mapsui to Mapsui.Windows
Split off generic geometry iteration from ProjectionHelper into GeometryIterator
Removed ProjectionHelper from Mapsui because it depends on projnet which is not available as PCL
Renamed IView to IViewport and View to Viewport
Renamed IViewport.WorldToView to IViewport.WorldToScreen
Renamed IViewport.ViewToWorld to IViewport.ScreenToWorld

Breaking changes of v0.1.5

Renamed all namespaces to be consistent with projects.
Removed all four database providers of Mapsui.Providers

Breaking changes of v0.1.6

Moved SphericalMercator from Mapsui.XamlRenderer to Mapsui

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