Switching to Mapsui from SharpMap

Aug 30, 2011 at 11:07 PM

I have been using SharpMap for a while and all in all I found it a good mapping tool.I use it developing a WinForms application.

Now I'd like to make map rendering more responsive and faster and found this project. I am very impressed about its performance.

I'am thinking about switching to Mapsui. My questions are:

- I could not find variable layers like in Sharpmap. Does Mapsui has something like that?
- If not, what is the best way to draw markers on the map, that refreshes often?
(like data periodically coming from GPS periodically and must be shown on the map)
- Does it have built in tools like sharp map map box has?
- Does it support custom data providers and custom layers?

Thanks in advance!