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Incorrect rendering for layer with transparent tiles - WPF


Hello Paul,

I have two WMS layers:
  • Base map – tiles are requested through WMS with no transparency
  • Flood zones – layer above the first one and is requested through WMS with "TRANSPARENT"="True"
I can see some incorrect rendering for the second layer which occurs in certain scenarios. Once I left-click into the MapControl or manually call Refresh() the layer is correctly rendered. I am sure that it is not problem of missing tiles, because even if I wait for realy long time (for all tiles to download - if they are missing in cache) the scene is not rerendered automatically.

Please see print-screens:



Only base layer

Actions that evoke the state of incorrect rendering:
  • Displaying the second layer for the first time (setting Enabled=true) on layer – happens always
  • Zooming out – happens sometimes
  • Panning – happens sometimes
When I download tiles from WMS without transparency the problem never happens.

Note: I utileze FileCache for both layers.

I am using the latest version (build from source) - 44e7f35560c0
Closed Apr 21, 2014 at 10:13 PM by pauldendulk
This is not relevant anymore because we don't do a transparency animation when new tiles arrive.