17 January 2014. Project status:
  • Working on Mapsui.UI.Android and Mapsui.Rendering.Android.
  • Added those to 0.2.4 nuget package.

Mapsui (pronounced map-su-wii)

Mapsui is a library for mapping applications.
  • Intended for apps, not geoservices.
  • It is designed to be fast and responsive (see architecture)
  • All data fetching is on a background thread (disk, web, or database)
  • Code is written to be used cross platform (using PCL or code sharing)
  • Written in C#. Based on a modified version of SharpMap. Uses BruTile for tiling
  • Roadmap

Applications that use Mapsui

Platforms Supported

Mapsui, the core project, is compiled as Portable Class Library for:
  • .NET for Windows Store apps
  • .NET framework 4.0.3 and higher
  • Silverlight 5 and higher
  • Windows Phone 8 and higher
  • Xamarin.Android
  • Xamarin.iOS
Per platform there are separate assemblies for the UI and for Rendering. Those are:
  • Mapsui.UI.Xaml and Mapsui.Rendering.Xaml for WPF on .NET 4.0.3
  • Mapsui.UI.Xaml-SL and Mapsui.Rendering.Xaml-SL for Silverlight 5
  • Mapsui.UI.Xaml-WP8 and Mapsui.Rendering.Xaml-WP8 for Windows Phone 8
  • Mapsui.UI.Xaml-W8 and Mapsui.Rendering.Xaml-W8 for Windows 8
  • Mapsui.UI.WinForms and Mapsui.Rendering.Gdi for Windows.Forms on .NET 4.0.3
  • Mapsui.UI.Android and Mapsui.Rendering.Android for API Level 10 (v2.3)


This library is work in progress: Warnings

How to get involved

You can submit 'patches' - or pull requests as it is called in Mercurial - as described here:
If you are not familiar with Mercurial it is advised to read up on it because it is not very intuitive for TFS or SVN users. Try:

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